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Explore Avenvis’ comprehensive software development services for Real Estate, tailored to boost management efficiency and customer satisfaction with cutting-edge technology solutions.


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Custom Real Estate Software Development

At Avenvis, we offer a comprehensive range of software development services specifically for real estate management, aimed at increasing value and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Avenvis' IT Expertise in Real Estate

Property Management Software
Develop software to effectively manage tenancies and properties in real time, integrating data and business workflows for residential and commercial management.
IDX Solutions
Create IDX solutions tailored to your web presence, displaying MLS-listed properties and keeping brokers and buyers constantly informed.
Cloud Development
Adopt cloud-based solutions for the mobility and agility required in Real Estate, allowing agents and brokers to work remotely and receive instant updates.
MLS Solutions
Leverage Multi Listing Services to enhance market opportunities, enabling real-time tracking, alerts, and new listing detection in the Real Estate industry.
CRM and ERP Systems
Implement CRM and ERP systems to better serve Real Estate buyers, optimizing workflows, inventory management, and maintaining competitive edge.
Business Intelligence
Utilize business intelligence tools for data-driven decision making, ensuring easy access to crucial Real Estate market information.

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Real Estate IT Solutions & Services

Next Generation Real Estate Management Technologies

Embrace the future of real estate management with our web and mobile applications, designed for both property listing and renting apartments. Our technology shifts key processes online, making apartment viewings virtual through photos, videos, and 3D tours.

Our focus in improving project management includes:

Modern Rental Opportunities

Experience the future of rental services with Avenvis’ innovative web and mobile applications, offering a platform for clients to rent or rent out apartments. Our apps are designed to transition the majority of rental processes online, including apartment inspections, using photos, videos, and 3D tours.

Key features of our user-friendly rental services include:

Cutting-Edge Rental Solution

Avenvis introduces state-of-the-art web and mobile apps that revolutionize the real estate rental experience. These platforms cater to both users searching for properties and real estate agents listing apartments and houses.

Our user-friendly rental services feature:

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In-House Tech Skills at Avenvis

Join forces with our skilled IT experts in web and mobile software engineering. Avenvis, as your reliable tech and business partner, utilizes advanced technologies, frameworks, and components to create software with a robust back-end and intuitive UI/UX.

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