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Avenvis specializes in advanced healthcare software, offering TeleHealth platforms, EMR/EHR systems, Hospital Management Software, and Mobile Healthcare Apps to improve patient care and enhance facility management.


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Harness the power of Avenvis’ expertise in healthcare IT to innovate and excel in your medical projects. Our commitment to quality and technological advancement is reflected in our track record.


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Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

TeleHealth and TeleMedicine
Elevate your healthcare business with Avenvis' reliable and user-friendly TeleMedicine and TeleHealth solutions. Our expert team crafts modern solutions to make healthcare delivery more effective and accessible.
Hospital Management Software
Optimize the management of your healthcare facility with our sophisticated Hospital Management Software. Avenvis focuses on ensuring the highest standards of patient care while streamlining administrative processes.
EMR and EHR Software Solutions
Stay ahead in managing medical data with Avenvis' advanced Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record solutions. These tools enable safe, efficient processing of sensitive data, enhancing the quality of medical services and boosting revenue.
Mobile Healthcare Applications
Be prepared to provide top-quality patient care anytime with Avenvis' Mobile Healthcare Applications. Our apps are designed to comply with the highest medical standards, offering convenience and efficiency in patient treatment.

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Why Healthcare Businesses Choose Avenvis

Avenvis stands at the forefront of healthcare digitization, offering expertise in enhancing every aspect of the healthcare value chain. As a custom healthcare software development company, we focus on delivering the best outcomes, utilizing our expertise, expansive network, advanced technology, and data-driven insights to help you achieve and surpass your goals.

Expertise in Healthcare

For over a decade, Avenvis has empowered healthcare businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions. Leveraging AI, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and data-driven applications, we provide a robust technological foundation for care providers, payers, pharmacies, PBMs, and healthcare software vendors, aiding their mission to save lives and promote health.


Avenvis ensures seamless care across various settings by enabling easy access to relevant information. We specialize in the smooth integration of custom applications with existing third-party systems, be it EHRs, LIS, RIS, claim management, or revenue cycle management systems.

Information Security

As a leader in healthcare software development, Avenvis guarantees robust security against digital threats and attacks, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

Focus on Usability

Recognizing the critical role of UI/UX design in healthcare software, Avenvis emphasizes creating healthcare-specific design solutions. Our focus is on preventing medical errors, reducing personnel burnout, and enhancing patient-centricity and safety.

Improved Efficiency

Our expert back-office teams and automation capabilities take on your administrative work efficiently and effectively, allowing you to concentrate on high-value healthcare services.

Best Value for Money

Understanding the financial constraints in healthcare software development, Avenvis strives to offer solutions that provide the best value for money, ensuring your investment yields substantial returns.

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What Sets Avenvis Apart in IT

Avenvis harnesses a wide array of advanced technologies in Media & Entertainment, including top-tier media players, efficient processing tools, insightful analytics platforms, and secure cloud infrastructures. Our selected tech ensures high-quality content delivery and optimal user experiences in every project.

In-House Tech Skills at Avenvis

Join forces with our skilled IT experts in web and mobile software engineering. Avenvis, as your reliable tech and business partner, utilizes advanced technologies, frameworks, and components to create software with a robust back-end and intuitive UI/UX.

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