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Web Developments #2

High-End Web Development Services

Avenvis specializes in top-tier web development, focusing on Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and tailored web solutions. We provide user-friendly UI/UX design and thorough QA to enhance your online business presence.


Exceptional Web Development Services for Superior Results

Delivering expertly crafted web solutions, Avenvis ensures high-quality, effective online platforms tailored to your business needs.


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The Expertise of Avenvis in Web Development Solutions

Progressive Web Apps

Avenvis harnesses the power of Progressive Web Apps to enhance your digital footprint. Our PWAs are designed to be easily discoverable, linkable, and high-performing, ensuring a smooth, engaging experience across various platforms.

Avenvis provides:

UI/UX for Web Projects

Partner with Avenvis’s top-tier in-house UI/UX specialists for unparalleled outcomes. We create interfaces that deeply connect with users and authentically represent your brand’s distinct character, benefits, and values.

How Avenvis assists:

Staff Augmentation for Web Projects

When you have a plan but need specific talent to execute it, Avenvis is here to swiftly provide the skilled professionals you need, ensuring your project stays within budget and on schedule. With our experience in numerous web development projects, we expertly meet deadlines without exceeding costs.

Avenvis' Staff Augmentation for Web offers:

QA for Web Projects

Avenvis’ QA approach for web projects addresses every aspect required to meet end-users’ high standards. Our Web Testing Services ensure that your product not only meets contemporary requirements but also provides convenient, efficient, and smooth experiences.

Avenvis' QA Services include:

Web apps and portals

Web-Based Customer portals

  • Self-Service Access – A website or online platform that allows end-users to independently access and execute tasks or transactions pertaining to an organization.

  • Task Management – Enables users to find information, request services, complete transactions, and manage their accounts without direct assistance from client service representatives and other staff members.

  • Resource Utilization – Avenvis has the necessary resources, specialists, and competencies to understand and quickly address industry-specific needs in a cost-effective manner.

  • Comprehensive Features – We manage protected registration, authorization, access restoration, various communication channels (calls, chats, tickets), document management, and core business functionalities.

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction – Partnering with Avenvis leads to higher client satisfaction rates, resource savings on client service, and an increase in both the number and quality of transactions.

  • FinTech – Features include account balances, transaction histories, online statements, fund transfers and payments, loan application services, and more.

  • Healthcare – Services such as appointment scheduling and reminders, bill payments, prescription refills, TeleHealth functionalities, health education, and resources.

  • Media & Entertainment – Providing advanced user profiles, personalized recommendations, playlists, and social features for live-streaming and content libraries.

  • Telecom – Expertise in account management experiences like billing and payments, activation and changes, activity monitoring, and troubleshooting.

  • Travel & Hospitality – Specialized platforms for booking, check-ins and check-outs, guest services, and feedback management.

Web Employee Portals

  • Internal Communication and Collaboration – An online platform with limited access for in-house staff, used for communication, collaboration, and information sharing among employees.

  • Corporate Resource Hub – Serves as a central point for accessing corporate resources, news, and various organizational tools.

  • Expert Implementation – Avenvis is fully equipped and experienced in implementing internal portal projects, ensuring efficient and effective delivery.

  • Advanced Features – Offering single sign-on (SSO), role-based access rights, employee directories, enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities, work monitoring, and IT help desks.

  • Employee Engagement and Efficiency – With our expertise, businesses benefit from higher employee satisfaction, seamless work processes, improved performance, and enhanced in-house communication.

  • Document and Knowledge Management – Features repositories for uploading, sharing, and collaborating on files. This approach streamlines document handling, reduces duplication, and ensures access to current information.

  • Communication and Collaboration Tools – Includes discussion boards, chat rooms, and internal messenger apps, enabling teams to exchange ideas, pose questions, and collaborate effectively.

  • Employee Self-Service Functionalities – Allows employees to access and update their personal data, view payslips, request time off, and perform administrative tasks independently, reducing the need for HR manual intervention.

  • Event and Calendar Management – Provides tools to view, manage, and organize upcoming events, meetings, and deadlines, enhancing organizational efficiency.

  • Integration with Third-Party Systems – Facilitates the connection with external business applications, like CRM software or project management tools, for a seamless operational experience.

Corporate Web Sites

  • Digital Representation – Serves as the digital face of the company on the Internet, catering to clients, partners, investors, and media.

  • Engagement and Credibility – Aims to promote offerings, win loyalty and trust, engage visitors, and enhance the organization’s credibility.

  • Comprehensive Features – Typically includes a main landing page, ‘About Us’ section, product and service galleries, contact information, career opportunities, newsfeeds, social media integration, testimonials, case studies, and calls to action (CTAs).

  • End-to-End Development Process – Avenvis oversees every aspect, from requirements gathering and research to resource planning, development, QA, launch, maintenance, and continuous improvement.

  • Business Growth Support – The websites we build aid in crucial areas such as lead generation, nurturing and conversions, client support and engagement, recruitment, and more.

  • Diverse Expertise – Avenvis offers a talented pool of professionals specializing in UI/UX design, research, analysis, product ownership, and development, ideal for creating or updating a corporate web presence.

  • Marketing Analytics – Utilizing marketing analytics as a competitive edge, we provide comprehensive end-to-end statistics for a detailed overview of site performance.

  • Effective Promotion – The site will effectively showcase your products, services, offers, and overall brand messages and positioning, ensuring clear communication of your corporate identity.

  • Secure and Reliable Integration – Our specialists ensure that your corporate web presence is a secure and reliable gateway to access other web systems for employees, business partners, and end-clients.

  • Social Media Integration – All requirements for social media integration are meticulously met, ensuring maximum convenience and enhanced user engagement.


Web Apps For Front Offices

  • Task and Issue Resolution – Designed to assist client service representatives and in-house staff in resolving end-users’ tasks, issues, and inquiries efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Functionality – The apps we develop come equipped with reliable communication channels, client query registration and processing capabilities, and essential functionalities to effectively address client needs.

  • Robust Infrastructure – Avenvis ensures thorough care in registration, authorization, access management, UI/UX, integration with communication centers and channels, dashboards, scripting, and core service functionalities.

  • Proven Expertise – Our extensive experience in web technologies and a deep understanding of specific client relationships and workflows assure the success of your front office operations.

  • Enhanced Client Relations – With Avenvis, expect quicker and more optimized transactions, higher end-client satisfaction rates, and a strengthened market reputation.

  • AI and ML Chatbot Integration – Incorporating chatbots powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning for automated client interactions and efficient issue resolution.

  • Knowledge Base Integration – Centralizing information in knowledge bases to support client service representatives in providing timely and accurate responses.

  • Data Security and Compliance – Ensuring integration with robust data security and compliance safeguards, including encryption mechanisms, to adhere to all relevant norms and regulations.

  • Analytics and Reporting Tools – Implementing analytics and reporting software to monitor client service performance, enabling data-driven decisions and highlighting areas for improvement.

  • CRM System Integration: Integrating with CRM systems to offer a comprehensive view of client information, facilitating more personalized and effective client experiences.

Web Apps For Customers

  • Self-Service Enablement – These apps empower end-users of your organization to access services, perform tasks, and obtain information independently, without the need for direct human assistance.

  • User Autonomy – Within this self-service model, users can navigate the web app on their own, interact with its features, and achieve their goals without external intervention.

  • Expertise and Experience – Avenvis leverages extensive expertise and diverse practical experience in the web domain to develop modern, feature-rich, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

  • Comprehensive Management and Design – We handle everything from registration processes, authorization, access and role management, to modern UI/UX, user settings, alerts, notifications, and essential business features.

  • Operational Benefits – Adopting these web apps leads to reduced client servicing costs, enhanced user independence, around-the-clock service accessibility, and other advantages.

  • eCommerce – Developing shopping platforms that allow users to browse products, add to cart, make payments, track orders, and manage returns, all without needing client service assistance.

  • Banking – Working with neobanks, payment and EMI services, fiat and crypto e-wallets, and investment banking to provide clients with secure and convenient fund management options.

  • Healthcare – Delivering solutions for secure record keeping and management, scheduling features, prescription refill functionalities, and integrated communication capabilities.

  • Logistics – Creating transportation web apps that offer end-to-end services including tracking, booking, rate finding, and quote generation.

  • Multimedia & Entertainment – Empowering clients with apps to access content libraries and live streaming shows, featuring high quality, convenient filters, and personalization options.

Web Apps For Back Offices

  • Business Administration Facilitation – These tools are designed for managing and overseeing the operations of web-based apps that align with your core business objectives.

  • Comprehensive Task Management – Encompasses app management, user management, data management, customization, support, performance optimization, and adherence to security and compliance standards.

  • Operational Core Layer – Acts as the foundational layer that powers regular business-task-oriented solutions, enabling efficient and effective business operations.

  • Admin Empowerment – Avenvis equips your administrators with the ability to deploy, configure, maintain, and optimize apps, manage user access and permissions, address data storage and security concerns, and provide support.

  • Operational Excellence – Collaborating with Avenvis ensures the smooth functioning and successful performance of your web apps, perfectly fitting the business context they are designed for.

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  • Healthcare. In this context, services can include interfaces for managing and controlling patient appointments, medical records, and online consultations.
  • Telecom. This may include interfaces for managing user accounts with different pricing plans, provisioning of services, and analysis of usage data.
  • Travel & Hospitality. This can include interfaces for managing listings, bookings, and client interactions to handle various data types.
  • Logistics. This is about interfaces for tracking shipments, managing routes, overseeing personnel, and handling complex data in real-time.

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In-House Tech Skills at Avenvis

Join forces with our skilled IT experts in web and mobile software engineering. Avenvis, as your reliable tech and business partner, utilizes advanced technologies, frameworks, and components to create software with a robust back-end and intuitive UI/UX.

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Web App Development

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