Client Background

Mayo Clinic is a renowned nonprofit healthcare organization with multiple clinics and hospitals across the United States. The organization offers a wide range of medical services, including general practice, specialist consultations, diagnostic imaging, and surgical procedures. With a patient-first approach, Mayo Clinic is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and experience of healthcare services for its patients.


Mayo Clinic


October 20, 2022


Web Application Development, UI/UX Design Services, Software Integration, and IT Consultancy


Mayo Clinic’s existing appointment booking system was outdated, causing inefficiencies, long waiting times, and patient dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the lack of a centralized platform for patient records and appointment management led to coordination challenges between various healthcare facilities. Mayo Clinic sought a modern solution to streamline appointment bookings, improve the patient experience, and enhance internal communication across its clinics and hospitals.


Our team collaborated with Mayo Clinic to provide a comprehensive set of services tailored to their needs. We:
  1. Developed a dynamic web application to enable patients to conveniently book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online, reducing waiting times and administrative burden.
  2. Designed an intuitive UI/UX for the web application to ensure a user-friendly experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  3. Integrated the new appointment system with Mayo Clinic’s existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, facilitating real-time information sharing between clinics and hospitals.
  4. Provided IT consultancy services to guide Mayo Clinic in the selection and implementation of the most suitable technologies for their unique requirements.


Mayo Clinic has seen a significant improvement in the patient experience since implementing the new appointment system. Patients can now easily book appointments online, reducing waiting times and administrative workload. The integration with the existing EHR system has improved internal communication and coordination between healthcare facilities, leading to more efficient and informed care. Through the modernization of their appointment system, Mayo Clinic has reinforced its commitment to patient-centric healthcare services.